The 23rd century was the period of time stretching from 2201 to 2300.


Unknown years[]

Known years[]

  • in the year2259: The ships arrive in the Koprulu Sector, stranding the passengers on three colonies, Tarsonis, Umoja and Moria.The commanders of the Nagglfar become the Old Families of Tarsonis. The protoss observe their arrival. Shocked by the terran's strip mining of natural resources, they nonetheless refuse to interfere.
  • In the year 2300 acording to the Mechan race the Velox race was discovered by the Earthlings around this year. in the Starflight universe. The Velox are a analog to the Protoss in star trek, as well as the Numlox and Phlegmax being a analog to the Zerg in Starcraft in the Starflight universe.
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