Lieutenant Andrews was a human Starfleet security officer assigned to the USS Voyager.

In 2371, he was manning the Ops station prior to the new Chief of Operations. Harry Kim, coming on board. He was also at that post once again when Voyager entered the Badlands.

He was also one of the guards who escorted the prisoner Vel in 2373.

In an alternate timeline, Andrews was asked to take Chakotay into custody when he entered the bridge (they still thought he was part of the Maquis). He then followed Janeway into the captain’s ready room where Chakotay took Janeway hostage and forced her to walk down the hall. Andrews then yelled “Let her go” but they had already entered a different time. Janeway yelled Andrews but he couldn’t hear her. Andrews then called for help and told them not to go past the bulkhead where the had disappeared.