Ensign Ashmore was a Starfleet officer assigned to the USS Voyager while it was lost in the Delta Quadrant. He served in engineering under B’Elanna Torres.

One of Ashmore’s favorite foods was macaroni and cheese. In 2371 while Neelix was attempting to make it for him with Brill Cheese, Neelix accidentally infected the ship’s Bio-neural gel packs with the bacteria necessary to make cheese.

In 2372, Kes while under the influence of the Botha, encountered a vision of Neelix who claimed that Ashmore thought he was a Kazon and had come after him with a carving knife.

During a confrontation with the Nerada, later that year, B’Elanna Torres ordered him to open the emergency vent in plasma conduit G-6, to relieve the pressure that was building there.

In 2374, he was handed a letter from home in the mess hall by Neelix.

During the same year he helped Torres hold Seven of Nine back after she attacked Kovin.

In 2376 he was noticeably affected by the alien beacon, which was causing the crew to have horrific recollections of the slaughter of Nakan colonists.

He was played by actor David Anderson in “Year of Hell” but had been mentioned prior to that in “Learning Curve”.
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