The symbol of the Cardassian Union

The Cardassian Union (sometimes called the Cardassian Empire) was the governing body of the Cardassian people. Its capital world was Cardassia Prime.


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The Cardassian Union was formed with the signing of a power sharing treaty between the Cardassian Central Command and the secretive Obsidian Order. As the Central Command expanded the Union and the Order tried to subjugate the new territory, friction existed between the two organizations. With the signing of the power-sharing agreement the Detapa Council, a civilian agency, was established to be the chief governing body between the two agencies, but in reality it was powerless.

In late-2371 and 2372 the Detapa Council and the Cardassian dissident movement overthrew the Central Command. The way to this action had been opened with the annihilation of the Obsidian Order at the Battle of the Omarion Nebula.

Then in 2373, Gul Dukat negotiated secretly with the Dominion to become its newest member. With the Dominion’s aide Dukat overthrew the Council and established himself as the leader of the Union. However it was later revealed that his position (as well as those of his successors, Legates Damar and Broca) was more that of a figurehead and was actually under the command of the Vorta and the Founders.

The Cardassian Guard is under the command of the Central Command, and is divided into several orders. On occasion the Obsidian Order is considered as part of the Union’s military structure.

Cardassia’s highest court of justice was known as the Cardassian Supreme Tribunal. The laws that govern the right and treatment of prisoners in the Cardassian justice system are known as the Cardassian Articles of Jurisprudence.


During the 24th century the Union maintained trade agreements with the Klaestrons and the Valerians. They would also use the Xepolites and Lissepians as go-betweens when making deals that might be considered illegal outside the Union.

Due to the lack of natural resources on many of the Union’s worlds, the Central Command would occupy worlds, that weren’t part of major Alpha Quadrant power, and strip mine them.

The Cardassian monetary unit is known as the lek.



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