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Daleks VS. Cybermen

Dalek Sec leading the Cult of Skaro against the Cybermen.

The Cult of Skaro was a group of four Daleks who were not the rulers of the Dalek Empire, but were above the Dalek Emperor.

Plot Edit

Cult of Skaro

The Cult of Skaro with the Genesis Ark behind them.

The Cult was created to think like the enemies of the daleks and come up with new ways of killing the dalek's many enemies. They were only thought to be a myth but they did exist.

Near the end of the Last Great Time War, the Cult used a Void Ship to escape into the Void with the Genesis Ark.

Extracting brain waves

Sec, Thay, and Caan extract Dr. Snigh's brain waves.

Members Edit

The Cult of Skaro was made up of four members who had names,(being unique since daleks didn't have names). The daleks were...

Dalek Sec Edit

See Dalek Sec

Dalek Sec was the leader of the Cult.

Dalek Jast Edit

See Dalek Jast

Dalek Jast was a member of the Cult.

Dalek Caan Edit

See Dalek Caan

Dalek Caan was another memebr of the Cult.

Dalek Thay Edit

See Dalek Thay

Dalek Thay was the fourth member of the Cult.

Fate? Edit

The Doctor opened the Void which sucked in all the Daleks and Cybermen that were battling each other. While Dalek Sec was able to escape through a temporal shift, it is unclear if Daleks Jast, Caan, or Thay were sucked into the Void. In the episode Evolution of the Daleks, Dalek Jast survived, but the fates of Dalek Thay and Dalek Caan are unknown.