The first dreaded Death Star.

Construction of the Death Star above Despayre.

The Death Star's superlaser.

The Death Star approaching Alderaan.

The Death Star was a superweapon created by the Galactic Empire, with a superlaser capable of destroying a planet. It was used to bring about the end of Alderaan, and nearly destroyed Yavin IV, but was blown up in an assault by the Rebel Alliance.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

19 BBY: Construction is completed on the Death Star I.

0 BBY: Battle of Yavin occurs. Death Star is destroyed in the conflict.

Specification[edit | edit source]

Unless otherwise stated, all details in this section are from page 17 of the Death Star Technical Companion.[1]

  • Diameter: 120 km
  • Crew:
    Standard: 265,675
    Skeleton: 56,914
  • Passengers:
    Troops: 607,360
    Stormtroopers: 25,984
    Starship Support Staff: 42,782
    Support ship pilots and crew: 167,216

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Sources[edit | edit source]

  1. Slavicsek, Bill. Death Star Technical Companion (Supplement to the Star Wars Roleplaying game). West End Games. 1991. ISBN 0 87431 120 9 page 17
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