Mega Maid standing on the Air Shield.

Planet Druidia is the planet of the Druids. Druidia is noted for the air shield around the planet.

Under The Air Shield Edit

Planet Druidia is a beautiful world with mountains, forests, and oceans; cities made of castles, citadels, and churches (most notable The First Intergalactic Temple (Reformed) Of The Druids. The cities have large public fountains and the churches have occasional bingo plays.

Druidia is a world of the Reniassence Era. The Druids dress in century-old clothes, even though it is the year 2001. The planet is ruled by King Roland and his daughter, the Princess Vespa.

Druidia is most noted for its fresh air. The planet's economy includes the selling of canned "Perri Air" to other planets. The planet's fresh air is even protected by an air shield that surrounds it. The planet glistens like a marble and underneath the air shield is 10,000 years of fresh air.

Evil Neighbor Edit

The planet Druidia is neighbor to Planet Spaceball, the planet of the Spaceballs. They are evil, however, and plan to destroy the Druids.

The Spaceballs' Plan Edit

In 2001, the evil Spaceballs of Planet Spaceball were running out of atmosphere. To make up for it, the Spaceballs planned to steal every last breath of fresh air from their neighbor, thereby destroying Planet Druidia and saving Planet Spaceball.

Their plan, however, along with their secret weapon, Mega Maid, was destroyed by the combined forces of Lone Starr, Princess Vespa, Barf, and Dot Matrix in their ship, the Eagle 5.