Other names:
  • Sol III
  • Terra
  • Tellus
  • Ravolox
  • Avallion
Type: terrestial planet
Location: Sol system
"You're starting to get noticed."
The Doctor

Earth, also known as Tellus, Terra or Gaia, is the third planet in the Solar System. It is most noted as the homeworld of humans. Earth, by far, has been one of the most featured planets in science fiction.

Xeelee Sequence Edit

In the Xeelee Sequence, Earth is the planet of origin of humans. It is occupied by the Squeem (a semi-hive-mind entity) from 4874 to 5071. It is later occupied by the Qax, a species that is not inherently war-like. They only invaded because it was financially efficient. The Qax occupation occurred from 5088 to 5407. Along with gaining freedom, humans also acquired starbreaker technology. This allowed them to become the second most advanced species by the year 10,000 A.D, second only to the god-like Xeelee. Millions of years later, the Xeelee flee the cosmos, running from the Photino Birds (which are essentially parasites) and leave one lone Xeelee behind. (SPOILER ALERT FOR Xeelee: Vengeance)It uses time-travel to "reorder history more to the Xeelee's liking". They travel to Earth in the year 3646 to "cut off humanity at the bud". It attacks the inner planets of the solar system, beginning with Mars. On their way to Earth, Michael Poole, the inventor of wormhole transit systems, opens a wormhole from the sun to Earth. The solar energy from the sun stretches the wormhole, and the energy flows right into another wormhole. This wormhole goes to trans-Neptunian space. The sun-earth wormhole is shut off, and the now ~40,000 km wide earth-deep space wormhole is swung around to engulf Earth and move it into the Oort cloud. This has dire implications on the future of humanity, and also erased everything previous in this paragraph ._.

Doctor WhoEdit

Invasion of the Daleks Edit

"Purify the Earth with fire. The planet will become my temple and we shall rise. This will be our paradise."
The Dalek Emperor in 200,100.

Daleks Vs. Cybermen Edit

"My God. They're invading the whole planet."

"It's not an invasion. It's too late for that. It's a victory."

- Yvonne Hartman and The Doctor.

In 2006, ghosts appeared all over the world. No one bothered them because people felt it was their loved one returning from the grave. However, the ghosts weren't ghosts, they were things crossing the Void and entering this dimension. It was revealed that the ghosts were in reality Cybermen.

At the same time, the mysterious Void Ship opened and out came the Cult of Skaro, four Daleks who planned to destroy the human race with the Genesis Ark, a device that, when opened, would release millions of Daleks upon Earth.

The Cybermen and the Daleks met and battled each other with the human race in the middle.

Earth Death Edit

"All the rich in the Universe are gathering to watch the planet get roasted."
―The Doctor

Though the Earth is destroyed, there are many suggestion to how this came about. It has been so long that no one can remember or find out how the world ended.


In the Firefly/Serenity universe, Earth had become so overpopulated that humans left the planet and found a new solar system with many worlds and moons to inhabit. Earth became known as "Earth-That-Was" then. In the "Trash" episode of Firefly, it is revealed that Earth-That-Was' artifacts are rare and worth a fortune.


The planet was originally known by both the ancient Human and Forerunner empires as Erde-Tyrene. The planet has been at the forefront of galactic history because of its primary space-fairing race, humans.


New Phoenix, a city on Earth.


Homo-Sapiens first evolved in about 200,000 BCE on the continent of Africa and by around 150,000 BCE developed into a space-fairing species. This cause many events in Earth's history.

Human-Flood War/Human-Forerunner WarEdit

With humanity's grasp of the Orion Arm ever growing they discovered a deadly parasite called The Flood. To stop the spread of the infection the Human Empire wiped out life on all planets soon to be infected. This included Forerunner planets. The Forerunners saw this as an act of war and started wage war with the human race.

Humanity did find a cure to the Flood but still collapsed due to the unrelenting attacks from the Forerunners. The Forerunners did show mercy and allowed the human species to live but regressed them to a Tier 7 of the Forerunner Civilization Scale (Tier 7 being the lowest on the scale).

Forerunner-Flood WarEdit

When the Forerunner's attempts to contain the Flood failed they built the Ark Portal. This was apart of the Conversation Measure for when they fired the Halo Array.

Humanity's RecoveryEdit

After both being regressed and moved off of Earth temporarily due to the Conversation Measure humanity was finally "alone" in the universe. Once again the beginnings of human civilization started in Africa.

In the year 1914 the major nations of the world were split into two factions. One was the Allies (including the United Kingdom, France, Russia, and later the United States) and the Central Powers (including Germany, Austria-Hungary, and other countries of similar ideals).

The war was won by the allies. This caused the Allies to have a decade of prosperity. It also caused the raise of Fascism, Communism, and Nazism and then eventually World War II.

After the end of the second World War, wars in general became smaller. These conflicts include the Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam War, plus the First and Second Iraq wars. Wars on Earth in the 21st century was mostly counter-terrorism.

Lost in SpaceEdit

The two pilot episodes for Lost in Space took place in the very overpopulated Earth in 1997 although 2050s in the 1998 remake, The population was 7 billion people but actually closer to 5.9 billion in real life 1997, but in 2057 the population was 16 billion but in real life estimated to be only 10.5 billion and stalled there and starting to decline in real life according to the UN which actually launched the Jupiter 2 in their real life. This is significant becasue in real life the UN forbids national bases and colonies but does not discuss international ships, bases, or colonies which International Space station (ISS) and Jupiter 2 were in each of there respective universes, which the Robinson Family leaves in a ship to another planet in a ISS sized ship, and Flying Saucer/Disk shaped ship and also tell of the Robinson Familiy's hopes of of moving up to 10 million families there sometime in the future in the original un-aired pilot. Unfortunately their ship runs into an unavoidable meteor shower, becomes damaged and lands on an unknown planet. ("No Place to Hide") Most of the ships damage was said to be that the Hyper drive jump controls were broken. the Warp drive still worked perfectly fine. Given enough time future generations of the Robinson Family could have came back to Earth as a kind of "Sleeper ship" useing some kind of suspended animation to return and just having the robot look after the international ship while they travel for 200 years at warp drive till they get back to either earth or one of its inner colonies like Alpha Centauri A 4 or some other planet near the Earth.

In the later pilot that would actually air, the plot was changed, with the addition of The Robot and Dr. Zachary Smith characters added, the latter of which was a stowaway on the ship, which he sabotaged and it landed on another planet. ("The Reluctant Stowaway")

Star TrekEdit

Earth is a member of the United Federation of Planets, an interstellar version of the United Nations.

United Earth is the ruling political body on Earth (in the Star Trek universe) after first contact with the Vulcans, and remained as a political division of the United Federation of Planets. It also has ruling power over Mars, Luna, Vega colony, and Alpha Centauri. Countries (such as the United States of America) that had been in power before still retained some power. The previous ruling power was a group of over 200 nation-states.

The Machine that Won the War Edit

In The Machine that Won the War by Isaac Asimov at one time, Earth and other planets are at war with the Denebians of Deneb. In this time, the Earth's armies were moved by the computer Multivac, who made all calculations and predicted every move by the Denebians. In the end, Multivac was the machine that won the war.


  • The Star Wars universe is one of the few that does not feature Earth unless Steven Spielberg's movie ET the extra terrestrial is also counted. According to Star Wars lore ET's species was known as the Brodo Asogians. But in general terms the Planet Earth is not in Star Wars.
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