Fantasy, like science fiction, is a genre of speculative fiction. However, unlike sci-fi, fantasy deals with situations that are magical, mystical, or otherwise supernatural. While fantasy stories often disregard the laws of physics and other scientific theories, they instead make up their own sets of rules for how the universe works.


There are many Science Fiction stories that contain elements of fantasy. For example, a wizard may appear in an episode of Star Trek. Conversely, elements of Sci-fi may appear in Fantasy stories. Additionally, it can sometimes be unclear whether certain story elements are essentially fantasy or scifi. For example, a fantastic phenomenon may go unexplained throughout the story, leaving it ambiguous whether the phenomenon could be explained from a sci-fi perspective (using real or fictional scientific principles) or from a fantasy perspective (using supernatural phenomena).

Sci-Fi franchises and stories with elements of Fantasy[]

  • Power Rangers - occasional use of magic throughout the series
  • Star Wars - the force is a mystical phenomenon. Also, the Ewoks use magic.

Fantasy stories with elements of Sci-Fi[]

  • Final Fantasy - A universe where magic and high technology mingle.