The Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire was the fourth incarnation of the Human Empires of Earth. In 200,000 it was at the height of its power. By then Earth had been covered in megacities, have five moons, and was populated by 96 billion people. It's influence would supposedly spread across a million planets and a million species but this wasn't true.

Satellite Five[]

All news in the empire was run through Satellite Five who packaged and sold the news. In reality, the news was being manipulated so that all aliens were away from Earth and the human race had been put back 90 years. This was caused by the true ruler of the empire, the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe, who was itself a pawn of the Daleks.

When it first formed the empire flourished with millions of species, good manners, and cutting edge technology. When Satellite Five opened in 199,909, the Jagrafess set humanity back as part of the Daleks' plans. In 200,000 the Ninth Doctor arrived and revealed the Jagrafess, killing it and placing humanity back in control of the empire, claiming that everything should revert to normal.(DW: The Long Game)


With Satellite Five down, the economy collapsed and one hundred years of hell came into existence. By 200,100, with the Dalek Emperor presumably in control now, Satellite Five became the Game Station and deadly versions of 21st century game shows were played with people on Earth picked at random by the station's transmat. This now sustained the populace. Losing contestants, however, were appeared to be killed when they were really transmatted to the Dalek Fleet at the edge of the Sol system.

The Doctor appeared again to learn that the losing players were killed and converted into new Daleks that would invade Earth. Possessed by the Bad Wolf entity, Rose Tyler dissolved the Daleks into atoms and destroyed their fleet. It is unknown if the empire developed to the proper level of advancement or not. (DW: Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways)