The Grox.png
Type: Humanoid, cybernetic
Civilization Classification: Type III - A very powerful empire, colonized the Galactic Core.


Grox Empire
Homeworld: Varies game to game, often near the Galactic Core of the Milky Way Galaxy.
Universe: Spore

The Grox are one of or perhaps the most powerful empire in the game Spore, a Life simulation game made by Will Wright and Maxis. They are a sapient species of cybernetic aliens that rule an empire of over 2400 systems (over 5000 planets). They are extremely aggressive, evil and hostile, and are a major obstacle for the player. Almost all empires in Spore resent the Grox.


The Grox are physically very weak. The Grox surround the Galactic Core (possibly using it to power their civilization or to protect themselves from the player earning the Staff of Life, which could be used on them). They are notable for colonizing only barren, lifeless worlds, and if abducted they will incinerate in the player's cargo hold. The Grox are a very old civilization, often appearing the Creature or Tribal stges as UFO's. The Grox often use enslaved species (such as the Dronox to do their dirty work). The Grox also offer high payment to their allies during missions.

Real purpose[]

The Grox were added in Spore to provide an obstacle to the player, in which the player can engage in an epic war or a hard alliance (if the player allies with the Grox, the player will receive benefits, however, the entire Spore galaxy will claim war on the player). The player can also go through a mad dash to the Galactic Core to meet Steve and receive the Staff of Life, a tool that instantly transforms barren planets into lush oases.

The Grox were originally going to be called the Grob (which is the Borg spelt backwards) and have many Borg like qualities, such as saying Resistance is futile. However, unlike the Borg, the Grox don't assimilate, they exterminate, and are a likely cross between Daleks and Borg.