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The planet Hoth was an ice-planet in the star system of the same name. It appears in the Star Wars films.[1] Hoth was remote, barren, and practically uninhabitable to anything except wampas or tauntauns. The planet was famous for the Battle of Hoth: between Rebel and Imperial forces.

The iceworld of Hoth.

Location Edit

Hoth was the sixth planet in the Hoth star system, and until the year 3 ABY, was unknown to anyone. But in 3 ABY, Luke Skywalker found the planet and lead the Rebel forces to it. There, they would set up Echo Base and would plan their next attack on the Galactic Empire.

In an attempt to find them, Darth Vader, the military leader of the Imperial forces, sent out thousands of probe droids into the reaches of space to find them. One landed on Hoth and discovered a shield generator. Before it self-destructed after being found out by Han Solo, the droid sent the information to Lord Vader and he lead a fleet of Star Destroyers to Hoth.


An X-Wing leaving Hoth.

Hoth Asteroid Field Edit

The Hoth system also contains the Hoth asteroid field, next to the planet Hoth. Some of the asteroids are small, others are fast, other can crush as ship, and some asteroids of the field are so massive they could be a planet's moon.

One asteroid of the Hoth field housed a large Space Slug, which almost devoured the Millennium Falcon.

Battle of Hoth Edit

Echo Base prepared for the arrival of the fleet, setting up guns, cannons, preparing snowspeeders they had converted to fighters. From the information of the generator, Vader found that the shield covered the planet and prevented any obrital bombardment of any kind. To surpass this problem, Vader dispatched Blizzard Force: a legion of Snowtroopers in AT-ATs and AT-STs able to destroy the rebels.

Landing by Drop-Ships, the AT-ATs made their way across the icy surface of the planet, as rebel snowspeeders attacked them. They wer no match for the Imperial walkers, but lead by Luke Skywalker, they used cables to tie the legs of the AT-ATs, causing most of them to fall, allowing groud troops to attack afterwards.

By the time most of Blizzard Force was destroyed, "Blizzard 1", the leading AT-AT, had made its way to the shield generator and destroyed it. The Rebels retreated to their ships, taking off while Vader's Star Destroyers were landing.

Destiny Edit

The Ancient starship Destiny came upon an ice planet, some billions of light-years from Earth which bore similarities to Hoth. Hence, Eli Wallace began calling it as such. It is unknown whether or not it is the same planet.

The Destiny crew were able to find frozen water on Hoth.


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