Type: Humanoid
Civilization Classification: Several


Universe: Most all science fiction

"The human race is spreading across the universe like a plague of intergalactic locusts."
―A Mogarian[src]

Humans, also known as Tellurians, Terrans, Earthlings, Men (though this is more common in fantasy), and other, often degenerate terms, are sometimes presented as a native species to the planet Earth and are its dominant lifeforms. Throughout their history, they evolve to become very prominent in galactic politics and the affairs of thousands of other races and planets.

In some sci-fi, Humans are presented as not originating from Earth, or in some cases, such as Star Wars, not even being related to Earth, or even the Milky Way Galaxy.

The human race's influence and stature in the Universe is often different between writers. Humans may in some cases be presented as special, and they possess some trait that other races may not have (commonly curiosity, artfulness, love, or some other fundamental attribute of the human condition. Other works of science fiction may even present humans as ultimately insignificant, or as having no influence over the course of things, or hopelessly outmatched by its competition.

As all science fiction readily available to Earth is written by and for Humans, it should be no surprise that almost always, a main character in the story is a human.

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