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Type: Alien
Civilization Classification: Type IV


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Universe: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Incubators are an alien race dedicating their purpose towards counteracting the effects of (and possibly negating) Entropy; the principle that energy output is always less than energy input, a fact that is presently causing the universe to slowly die out.

Kyubey is an Incubator. In order to achieve this, Kyubey collects raw energy from a source that seems to be excepted from entropy; the emotions of girls in their second growth stage (14-18). In order to harvest this energy, Kyubey forms contracts with these girls: the exchange of a wish for absolutely anything, for the servitude as a Puella Magi, magical girls who use their powers to defeat witches who then drop grief seeds. The energy produced during this process is then harvested by Kyubey through unknown means. Kyubey does not reveal, however, that Puella Magi turn into witches after falling into despair; witches that are then fought by other Puella Magi, creating an endless cycle. Because of this, Kyubey is often seen as the true antagonist of the series, despite the fact that his justification is that he is saving countless other sectors of the universe in doing so. Kyubey's goal in Madoka Magica is to turn Madoka into an incredibly powerful Puella magi, who will then destroy the Walpurgis Night and become the most powerful witch; the Kreimhild Gretchin, a process which apparently produces obscene amounts of energy, at the expense of the human race (as there would be no Puella Magi able to defeat the most powerful witch).