"We have just folded space from Ix...Many machines on Ix. New machines."

"Oh. Yes."

"Better than those on Richese."

- The Third-Stage Guild Navigator to the Emperor Shaddam IV

The planet Ix, pronounced "icks", was the ninth planet from the sun of its star system, and home to the Ixians and House Vernius.

History Edit

Ix was one of the two planets(the other being Richese) that was classed as being supreme in machine culture. The planet was the ninth in its system and was under the ruling House Vernius. Because it was a source of machines, it became a major planet during The Butlerian Jihad, though it was lucky to escape any severe effects of the Jihad, as did Richese.

Any inventions of Ix(being Poison Snoopers, Solidos, and others) were considered the best over any competitor.

The Ixian Confederacy Edit

When Paul Atreides became the Padishah Emperor of the Known Universe, Ix formed a confederacy and refused to submit to Paul's Imperial tax. Ix offered submission to House Atreides in exchange for a legal limit to the tax, claiming that they wanted a constitution with the Landsraad or CHOAM governing Paul.

Paul forbade a constitution, and decreed that the Guild was to stop all trade from Ix until the Confederacy agreed to the tax. Without the Guild's transport, the Conferderacy eventually submitted.

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