The planet of Kaitain was the home of the Imperial House Corrrino. After the Butlerian Jihad ended with the Battle of Corrin, which gave the House its name, the Corrinos moved from their decimated homeworld of Salusa Secundus to Kaitain. S.S. became the Imperial prison planet afterwards.

Kaitain was noted for its beauty. At the time, Earth had been destroyed, but the planet looked very similar to Earth and had glorious rings around it. Kaitain remained home to the Golden Lion Throne, the seat of power for the Padishah Emperor who ruled the Known Universe. Kaitain remained the Imperial capital until 10,196 when Paul Atreides became the Emperor after defeating Shaddam IV.

After that, Paul ordered that the Golden Lion Throne be moved from Kaitain to the planet Arrakis.