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Kerbal Space Program Wallpaper HD 2.jpg
Kerbal Space Program
Developer Squad
Publisher Self-Published via Squad
Platform(s) Windows

Mac OS X Linux

Series Kerbal Space Program
Release Dates June 24, 2011 (Public Alpha)

December 15, 2014 (Public Beta)
April 27, 2015 (Official Release)

ESRB Rating Unrated

 Kerbal Space Program is an indie spacecraft simulator. In the game players create and test rockets, planes, and shuttles. They can launch any ship into orbit, and from there, create anything from a satellite network to a colony on any planet or moon, throughout the Kerbal star system.

As of 2015, the game is officially released.

There are 3 gamemodes, sandbox, science and career.

Sandbox has all parts readily avaliable, and no reputation or money.

Career has all features enabled, such as Science, obtained by conducting research and contracts, used to unlock new parts; Funds, essentially money, obtained by finishing contracts and selling fuel extracted from asteroids, used to buy parts; and Reputation, and more reputation gets you better contracts. Reputation can be obtained from some Policies, contracts and bringing Kerbals home alive.

Science is like career, but with no funds or reputation. This was the Career mode before Beta came out.

There are 6 planets as of now, with Kerbin as the Kerbal home planet. It has 2 moons, Mun and Minmus. There is a Gas Giant planet, Jool, which is green in appearance and has 5 moons. There are also many asteroids orbiting the Sun, which can be mined for fuel.