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Lost in Space in the name of a sci-fi franchise and universe which began with the 1960s TV series by Irwin Allen. The premise is that a family -- the Robinson Family -- is sent on a mission, in their ship, the Jupiter 2 which is shaped like a flying saucer ship, become lost in a distant solar system. Along with The Robot and Dr. Zachary Smith, a stowaway, they must search for ways to get back home.

Original TV Series[]

The original series details the Jupiter 2 becoming lost in space, and Dr. Smith stowing away. They quickly become stranded on an alien world.

Season 1[]

The first season was in black and white, and largely dealt with the family's struggles to survive on an alien world.

Season 2[]

This season was filmed in color and became more campy and humorous in tone.

Season 3[]

Season 3 returned to having more serious adventure episodes, but maintained a lot of the camp of season 2.

1973 Cartoon Series Pilot[]

In 1973, a pilot was produced for a Lost in Space cartoon series that was never picked up. It was a major reimagining; the Jupiter 2 looked significantly different, and although the major characters were still Robinsons, they were different Robinsons -- Craig and Link Robinson. Dr. Smith and The Robot did return as characters. The plot once again had the Jupiter 2 getting lost in space, and landing on an alien world. There, they helped resolve a conflict between the Throgs and the Tyranos.


In 1998, a Lost in Space feature film was produced. It featured all of the original characters, played by different actors. The plot had the ship escaping to hyper-drive after being sabotaged by Dr. Smith, and becoming lost in a different solar system. There, they fell prey to a series of time warps, encountering a human starship from years into their future, as well as an alien infestation of spider-like creatures, that had killed the crew of the derelict ship. The Captain of the Jupiter Mr. Robinson requests that the derelict be left un-harmed but the commander who is also a space marine destroyed the derelict ship anyways and the Jupiter 2 does eventually break free. The Marine when asked why he blew up the old ship, the Marine commander guy give a response simply saying he does not like spiders, especially spiders that pose a danger to human life. Eventually they land on a planet, only to pass through another time warp and encounter themselves from the future, having stayed on that planet for years. At the end of the film, they escape from the planet, and travel into another time warp. Their fate is unknown.

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