The Guardians of the Universe, as they appear in the 2011 Green Lantern film.

Maltusian / Guardians / Zamarons
Type: Humanoid
Civilization Classification: Type III


Homeworld: Maltus (Historically)
Oa (Current)
Universe: DC Universe/Green Lantern

The Maltusians are a highly-advanced blue-skinned Humanoid race, originally from the planet Maltus. They evolved, both naturally and technologically, beyond the warfare that once plagued their planet, and now have incredible abilities.

Long ago, the males and the females of the species went their separate ways, the men forming the Guardians of the Universe on planet Oa, who run the Green Lantern Corps; The females becoming the Zamarons, and creating the Star Sapphires.

The Guardians of the Universe currently have Green Lantern patrols throughout the entire universe, which they've divided up into 3600 sectors. This range of power and influence likely classifies them as a Type III Civilization. (Green Lantern)