The Milky Way, as seen in Spore.

The Milky Way is a Spiral Galaxy located in the Local Group of galaxies. It's the galaxy that contains the Sol system, including Earth, as well as a number of other alien races and species. The galaxy has one satellite galaxy, known as the Small Magellanic Cloud. As it is the galaxy that Earth is located in, it is often appears in space travel science fiction as the setting.  

Features in Science Fiction[]

Star Trek[]

The Milky Way is divided into four quadrants: the Alpha Quadrant, the Beta Quadrant, the Gamma Quadrant, and the Delta Quadrant.

The Milky Way is known to have an energy barrier making it difficult for travel into or out of the galaxy. There's also a similar barrier protecting the galaxy's core.


The Grox control thousands of planets around the galaxy's core. (Spore franchise: "Spore")


Over four billion years ago, a humanoid species known as the Preservers seeded humanoid life throughout the galaxy, leaving clues in humanoid DNA as to their existence. (Star Trek franchise: "Star Trek: The Next Generation")

Another Humanoid species, known as the Ancients, created a system of Stargates linking planets that sustain human life to one another. (Stargate franchise: "Stargate SG-1")

Known Civilizations[]