New Earth

The city of New New York on New Earth.

You may be looking for the Doctor Who episode New Earth.

New Earth is the planet of the galaxy M87 that is the new home to humanity in the television series Doctor Who. It became so in 5,000,000,023, after the Earth was destroyed in 5.5/apple/26

A New World Edit

In the year 5,000,002,005 (dated as 5.5/Apple/26, 5,000,000,000 in Roses future), the National Trust had been holding back the effects of the sun's expansion, preventing the destruction of Earth. When the money ran out, Earth was allowed to be swollowed by the sun.

23 years later, humanity became nostalgic, and found another planet with similar atmosphere and gravity. This became New Earth.

New Earth2

The Doctor and Rose Tyler in front of a hospital.

This world is as beautiful as the original. One plant of the planet is apple grass, which borders many of the new, large, majestic cities. One city of New Earth is New New York, home to a large hospital that is the base of the Sisters of Plenitude. The whole world is focused on health and care. Each elevator of the hospital disinfected the passengers and if any small thing happened, the entire building would be put under quarantine.


Earth was destroyed in 5.5/apple/26 (5,000,002,005,) not in the year 5,000,000,000. This means that the humans exacuated Earth before it was destroyed.