A castle on S.S.

The planet of Salusa Secundus, or S.S., was the third of the star system Gamma Waiping in the Dune universe. It was most remembered as the homeworld of the House Corrino and as the Imperial prison planet. It was noted for being one of the only two planets in the Universe where shigawire was grown.

The Planet's History[]

Under House Corrino[]

Salusa Secundus was the homeworld of the Imperial House Corrino. The planet was not beautiful to begin with, but was decimated by a rival House in a war of assassins. S.S. became barren, afterwards, with little life able to survive.

As A Prison Planet[]

Because of this new climate, House Corrino moved the Royal Court to Kaitain so that they may still rule the Universe. House Corrino then designated S.S. as their Imperial prison planet. All criminals in the Known Universe were sentenced to S.S. and were trained, as most people suspected, to become the dreaded Sardaukar.

Under House Corrino Once More[]

In 10,196, Paul Atreides defeated the Emperor Shaddam IV and removed House Corrino as the ruling House of the Universe. He banished the Imperial House to their planet of origin: S.S.-Salusa Secundus.

Exiled from the Universe, Shaddam's third olest daughter, Wensicia, became the Regent of her House. After her father's death in 10,202, she remained House Corrino's ruler until she offered her son, Farad'n, in marriage to Paul's daughter, Ghanima.

As a marriage gift to his future bride, Farad'n revieled that the Lazar Tigers that killed her brother, Leto, were bred and raised on Salusa Secundus, showing his mother to have attempted killing the Atreides heirs. (Unknown to anyone until later, Leto was alive). After this, he banished his mother Wensicia and she was to live on Salusa Secundus until her death.

The Fremen and S.S.[]

The Fremen, the desert-dwellers of Arrakis, were originally known as the Zensunni Wanderers. Before they arrived on Arrakis, they migrated between a number of planets and Salusa Secundus was their second stopping point.

Fremen tradition says they were slaves on S.S. for nine generations.

The Sardaukar and S.S.[]

The Sardaukar were the fierce soldiers of House Corrino, used to inforce the House's rule over the Universe. Many feared the Sardaukar for their power and mysterious background: no oone knew where the warriors came from.

As to their connection with S.S., many in the Imperium suspected that the Sardaukar were trained from the prisoners sent to Salusa Secundus. Sardaukar were known to come from a fierce background, and S.S. fit the description perfectly.