Satellite Five

Satellite Five above the Earth in the year 200,100.

"I get it. You broadcast the news."

"We are the news."

- The Doctor and Cathica.

Satellite Five was a space station above Earth. By the year 200,100, the station was called the Game Station. It was the news station of the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire, used to broadcast 600 channels across the Empire. Unknown to anyone, the station was really controlled by the Mighty Jagrafess who was really controlled by the Daleks.

Structure Edit

Satellite Five had 500 floors. The station was a cylinder with three rings revolving around it. It was similar in appearance to Platform One.

History Edit

The station was launched in 199,909. By the year 200,000, it was broadcasting the news for the entire Human Empire. When the Jagrafess was destroyed in that year, the Empire begain to collapse as the station stopped supplying news.

This was eventually solved with the reformation of Satellite Five into the Game Station by the year 200,100. With this, deadly versions of game shows were played. The station became equipped with a Transmat system and was able to pick people from Earth at random to compete in the games.

Floor 500 Edit

"You need a key for the lifts and you only get a key with promotion. No one gets to 500 except for the chossen few."

- Cathica

Floor 500 was the top of the satellite. It was said to be where "the walls were made of gold." If one was promoted to Floor 500 they never came back.

In reality, the floor was a freezer, supplying the Jagrafess with a cold climate while generating massive amounts of heat to the rest of the station. Those who arrived on Floor 500 were killed and turned into mindless bodies that monitored the station and served the Editor.

Floor 495 Edit

When the Daleks reached Floor 495 while invading the station, the Anne Droid waited for them. She teleported three of them away but was destroyed.

Floor 494 Edit

In 200,100, the Daleks invaded Earth, starting with the take over of Satellite Five. Floor 494 was where the Daleks entered.

Floor 407 Edit

When Satellite Five became the Game Station, The Weakest Link was broadcasted from Floor 407.

Floor 139 Edit

When The Doctor, Adam, and Rose arrived on Satellite Five, they came out of the TARDIS on Floor 139. This floor was home to Cathica and Suki.

Floor 16 Edit

Floor 16 was the medical center for Satellite Five. There a person could get a chip implanted in their head, allowing them to process the news and become connected with the computer of the satellite.

Floor 0 Edit

The very bottom of the station. In 200,100, it was the scene of a massare of humans killed by the Daleks.

Computer Uplink Edit


- Cathica

Anyone who had had a computer chip implanted in their head could access any information in the Empire. To spike was to become connected with the computer. When someone was spiked, they were processing information, but at the end, they would forget all of it.