Timeframe: Unknown
Created by: Maxis Games

Spore is a science fiction video game franchise, made by Maxis. The first game in the series, simply titled Spore, allowed players to design their own life-forms and guide them through several stages of evolution, eventually becoming an advanced spacefaring civilization.


  • Earth: Earth is one of the planets possible to find in the original Spore.
  • Milky Way Galaxy: The first game takes place in Milky Way.
  • Center of the Galaxy: In the first game the player can go to the center of the Milky Way, and meet Steve and obtain the Staff of Life.


  • Unknown Date: The Grox begin their empire in the Milky Way Galaxy. (Spore)
  • Unknown Date: The Crogenitors accidentally create mutants called the Darkspore via E-DNA. (Darkspore)
  • Unknown Date: The Crogenitors exile Xylan for negligence and ban the use of E-DNA. (Darkspore)
  • Unknown Date: Xylan fakes his death and uses E-DNA to transform himself into the Corruptor. (Darkspore)
  • Unknown Date: The Corruptor uses E-DNA bombs to destroy the Crogenitor's empire. (Darkspore)
  • Unknown Date: One of the last Crogenitors finds hero to help defeat the Corruptor. (Darkspore)


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