The Federation Starfleet (generally known as Starfleet) is the exploratory and military service of the United Federation of Planets. Its main purpose is to expand the Federation’s knowledge in the areas of science, technology, and the galaxy in general while also having the duty to defend the Federation against hostile forces. It also has a substantial diplomatic unit because their exploration brings them in contact with other species often. Its officers also have the duty to represent Federation interests and uphold its laws.


When it was formed as a major part of the Federation Charter, it incorporated parts of each of the founders space forces including Earth Starfleet (from which its name came) and its secret organization Section 31. When a planet joins the Federation its space and military forces are brought into Starfleet like the founders.

Starfleet has made first contact with many species including the Gorn, the First Federation, Metrons, Cardassians, Tzenkethi, and many others. It also has fought the Klingons, Romulans, Tholians, Tzenkethi, Cardassians, Gorn, Borg, and the Dominion, with major conflicts including the Dominion War.


It operates out of Starfleet Headquarters in San Francisco, Earth but maintains starbases and space stations throughout the Alpha Quadrant and the Beta Quadrant. Its also has its primary training facility, Starfleet Academy, in San Francisco with smaller campuses located on other worlds, including Relva VII.

All Starfleet officers wear very distinctive uniforms with rank insignia and assignment patches or the Starfleet emblem (which were turned into communicators creating the communicator badge).

Starfleet follows a rank system common to most militaries with a superior rank meaning that those of lower rank must follow his orders. It is also separated into different branches, which handle different parts of running a starship or a starbase.


Commander in Chief[]

The Commander in Chief(C-in-C) is the highest possible position in Starfleet, being subordinate to no one and reporting directly to the Federation President and in charge of all of Starfleet. This position is given to someone with the rank of fleet admiral.

Starfleet Academy[]

Starfleet Academy is headed by a superintendent, who generally has the rank of rear admiral.

Starfleet Command[]

Starfleet Command is headed by the Commander, Starfleet, who generally has the rank of fleet admiral. All other officers except the C-in-C and the superintendent of Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Branches[]

The other branches of Starfleet are headed by department commanders who normally have the rank of vice admiral and report to the Starfleet Chief of Staff.


Starbase commanders hold ranks between commander and admiral depending upon the importance and location of the starbase they command.


Starships are generally commanded by a captain but can be under the command of a commander or somebody with one of the admiral ranks.

Branches and Agencies[]


  • Starfleet Command
  • Starfleet Operations
  • Starfleet Intelligence
  • Starfleet Tactical
  • Starfleet Security
  • Starfleet Corps of Engineers
  • Starfleet Science
  • Starfleet Research and Development
  • Starfleet Medical
  • Judge Advocate General