Other names:
Type: barren planet
Location: unknown
Universe: Doctor Who
Telos was the home world of the Cyrons, and was a colony world of the Cybermen in the televison series Doctor Who. Telos is not to be confused with Telos IV, commonly known as Telos.

Climate Edit

Telos was a cold, barren world with few natural resources. The planet was home to the Cryons, who could only survive in cold temperatures. So when the planet started to become warm, the Cryon race went underground and built huge, refrigerated cities so that they may survive.

History Edit

When the surface was abandoned, the Cybermen saw this and conquered the planet, wanting to take the cities for purposes of suspened animation. To build their tombs, the Cybermen used Human work crews and the Cryons until the Doctor stopped their plan in the 25th century.