The Positronic Ray was a laser weapon created by the mad scientist Durand Durand, who tried to conqure Lythion and Earth with it in the year 40,000.

Creation and Effect Edit

When he crashed his ship Alpha 1 on Lythion, the Earth scientist Durand Durand found his way to Sogo, City of Night. He found its ruler, The Great Tyrant. He became her concierge and tried to destroy her rule from within.

Earth's President was interested in finding Durand because he had built a weapon in a time when weapons had been done away with for centuries. He sent his top agent, Barbarella, to Lythion to find Durand.

It was imortant that she find him. And when she did, she discovered what the weapon did:

Durand Durand to Barbarella...

  • "All persons and objects in its path, are deminimumized to the 4th level."
  • "You mean?"
  • "That's right. They are placed in the 4th dimension, irrefragably.”
  • "But that's monstrous!”
  • "Yes it is. Isn't it?"

Lythion's New Emperor Edit

Temporarily trapping the Black Queen(The Great Tyrant) and Barbarella in the Queen's Chamber of Dreams, Durand Durand was about to be crowned ruler of Sogo. But then, with the help of Barbarella's Earth weapons, the creatures in the Labyrinth revolted, attaking Sogo and destroying the Queen's Black Guards.

In his attempt to destroy them, Durand ran to the top of Sogo to his secret base, where his weapon was hidden. He fired and in three green blasts, the creatures of the Labyrinth were zapped into the 4th dimension.

Watching this on her viewing screen, The Great Tyrant, ignoring Barbarella's concern, released The Magmous. It rose through the Labyrinth and swallowed the city of Sogo, destroying Durand Durand and the Positronic Ray.