The Earth Starfleet was the main space exploratory and defensive force of the United Earth before its joining the United Federation of Planets. It was under the authority of Starfleet Command which was under the authority of the Command Council and headquartered in San Francisco, Earth.

Earth Starfleet’s main duty was to "seek out new life and new civilizations" and to "go boldly where no man has gone before" (this quote is credited as being from Zefram Cochrane and was later used by the Federation Starfleet). While a civilian organization it did adopt many of the ranks and traditions of the United States Navy and the British Royal Navy.

After the attack on Earth by the Xindi, the elite military unit of Earth (MACOs) stationed a unit on the Enterprise NX-01 to aid in its search for the Xindi. Which was also a first step to the unification of the Earth Starfleet and its military.

Its uniforms were pretty much the same for everyone except for color coded elements to distinguish between departments and rank insignia.

Some personnel worked for the United Earth Diplomatic Corps but its unsure if this was part of Starfleet like Starfleet Operations or Starfleet Security.

One of its primary duties was to build a fast and viable engine which would allow humans to travel across the galaxy.

One of Earth Starfleet’s most famous ships was the nx-class Enterprise which made first contact with over 30 species and made an alliance with the Andorians.

It also built a second ship the Columbia NX-02 .

Starfleet had absolutely no control over ships operating under the Earth Cargo Service and had to leave it to the Earth Cargo Authority.

Earth Starfleet was succeeded upon the signing of the Federation Charter by the Federation Starfleet.


  • Admiral Maxwell Forest commander until death on Vulcan in 2155
  • Admiral Daniel Leonard took over command after Forest's death
  • Admiral Sam Gardener
  • Commander Williams
  • Admiral Gregory Black
  • Admiral Clarke

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