The Galactic Handguide[]

The galactic handguide has any and all information dealing with the known galaxy,as well as a timeline of historical events that have occured throughout the cosmos.

Layout of the Galaxy[]

The galaxy is compromised of six charted sectors, within these six sectors lie solar systems, within these solar systems lie planets. A list of sectors and solar sytems follows.

Sector Terra[]

Solar System Van Baarle[]

Apollo- The sun of Solar System Van Baarle.

Mercury- The planet with the second highest temprature in the Solar System, and the closest planet to the Sun, Apollo.

Venus- The warmest planet in the system Van Baarle.

Earth- Once home too human-kind, Earth was rendered uninhabitable when its moon was destroyed. A massive meteorite collided with the moon, raining chunks of the lunar satellite upon the human homeworld.

Mars- Sometimes called the "red planet" Mars is the closest planet too Earth and the new home of humanity. Mars is under terrafromation currently.

Jupiter- The largest gas giant in the Solar System Van Baarle.

Saturn- Sixth planet from Apollo, it is identifiable by the massive debris rings that orbit it.

Uranus- Uranus seventh planet from Apollo

Neptune- Neptune the farthest planet from Apollo.

Sector Terra is the home system of humanity; it was named after Allen Van Baarle, the man that flew the first successful mission to Mars. System Van Baarle is the only known system in Sector Terra.

Sector Elator[]

Solar System Vinre ex' Etram[]

Guea- Guea is a small sun located at the center of the Solar System Vinre ex' Etram. Etram- Etram is home too the Elator. it is a barren world with a very thin atmosphere. Elator survive by eating crater worms which are quite frequent upon the world. Etram is also the closest planet orbiting the sun of Guea.

Silar- Silar is a tiny planet orbiting very close too Etram, it is considered far too large too be a moon.

Parm- Parm is a green world covered by thick forests. It was once home too the Emlac nefore they were driven away by the Elator.

Solar System Issan[]

Crofo- Crofo is the huge sun the lies in the center of system Issan.

Sibur- Sibur is an enormous gas giant that orbits closest too Crofo.

Radis- Radis is blue jewel in Issan, its surface is 98% water.

Vie- Vie is a temperate planet covered in grass, snow, desert, and sea. It has been colonized by the Emlac, and it serves as the new home of the race.

Nitsed- Nitsed is small frozen world with no atmosphere. Espir- Espir is a cold world covered by snow, however it does have a stable atmosphere. Espir is the farthest planet from the systems sun named, Crofo.

Sector Zell[]

Solar System Asac[]

Zani- Zani Is the largest of the two suns that exist in the system Asac.

Remis- Remis is the smaller of the two suns within the Solar System Asac.