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Other names:
  • The Ultimate Foe
  • The Nemesis
  • The Greatest Warmaker
Race: Warmakers
Homeworld: Siralos
Universe: Seventh universe from now
Actor: ABP
"Oh, I like this! Now I am he...and there is nothing I can't do! I have control over his body! A new last!"
―Steed, upon successfully waking up in the Master's body.[src]

Steed is a Warmaker/Librarian hybrid from the planet Siralos in the seventh universe from now. A generally peaceful race compared to to their allies, the Warmakers wanted to know why, according to historical magic books, the planet Siralos survived the destruction and creation of so many universes. They sent Steed back through time through the Time Vortex and even the Bajorian wormhole and several layers of underspace to the present day. He currently exists on a copy of Castrovalva with The Consciousness while he studies Siralos in this universe.

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