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You voted, and blasted the competition into oblivion! After the epic battle featuring 32 of the greatest starships in all of sci-fi, one winner has emerged victorious. And it's a blue police box -- one that's bigger on the inside, and happens to have the power to travel through all of space and time. So, when you think about it... How could it lose?

Let's all congratule the TARDIS on its victory. And stay tuned in the coming days for your chance to WRITE THE STORY of "The Great Starship Battle."

Interested in how the battles went down? Click away!

SerenityThe LexxNormandy SR-2Titan Capital ShipUNSC Spirit of FireProtoss CarrierSDF-1 MacrossSpace Battleship YamatoMillenium FalconRomulan WarbirdUSS Discovery OneNostromoExecutorCylon BasestarSpock's JellyfishBorg CubeWhite StarMoyaThe ArwingSamus Aran's GunshipDarth Vader's TIE FighterKlingon Bird-of-PreyViperBC-304X-WingUSS EnterpriseRed DwarfAndromeda AscendantBattlestar Galactica BS 75The Doctor's TARDISMothershipCity DestroyerSerenityNormandy SR-2Protoss CarrierSDF-1 MacrossMillennium FalconNostromoExecutorBorg cubeWhite StarThe ArwingKlingon Bird-of-PreyBC-304USS EnterpriseAndromeda AscendantThe Doctor's TARDISCity DestroyerSerenityProtoss CarrierMillenium FalconBorg CubeThe Doctor's TARDISUSS EnterpriseKlingon Bird-of-PreyWhite StarSerenityBorg CubeTARDISKlingon Bird-of-PreyBorg CubeTARDISStarship Battle Final RoundStarshipsBrackets
Celebrate the Win!
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