Hitchhikers on Vogsphere.

Planet Vogsphere is the homeworld of the vile Vogons. Though it looks abandoned, it thrives with several forms of life.

Features Edit

Cities Edit

The cities of Vogsphere are made up of starships that look like buildings. The planet is covered with small landing squares, networked with stop signs next to them and streetlights. When landing, a Vogon ship will land in on one of the squares and become locked into the ground, becoming a building.

Climate Edit

The planet is covered in deserts and mountains. It has a breathable atmosphere and it barely has water at all. It does though, or else the planets crabs couldn't live.

Some on the planet's animals are...

Jeweled Crabs: a species of large crab which the Vogons take delight in killing and eating. Whether the Vogons sell the jewels is unknown.

Silk-Coated Deer: deers with silk-coated fur that the Vogons love to sit on. Although sitting on them breaks the deer's backs, the Vogons enjoy it anyway.

Shovel Creatures: parasitic creatures which represents the embodiment of bureaucracy; they live under ground and come up to smack a person in the face whenever they have an idea. Shovel Creatures are the reason of the bodily and mind peculiarities of the Vogon race who was selected by the survival of the fittest privileging stout leathery skinned creatures with no ideas.

The Vogon Constructor Fleet Edit

As Vogsphere is home to the Vogons, it is also home to the Vogon Constructor Fleet, run by the Vogons as their business with the galaxy's bureaucracy.